Rainy Day Cocktail


Here’s a nice cocktail I thought I should share that makes any rainy day brighter:

First, coat the rim of the glass with aromatic bitters, then dip the rim in evaporated cane juice sugar, then–

 1. 3 ice cubes

2. 3 oz sweet sake (some that I made, and it’s only slightly alcoholic)

3. 3 small slices of fresh or frozen mango

4. A dash of aromatic bitters

5. 3 more ice cubes

6. Cover ice cubes and mango slices with huckleberry juice (or blueberry) I added a little more sake to balance the sweetness of the huckleberry juice

7. Grapefruit peel and plum blossom for garnish



About clayhead33

I am a potter-- I love to draw, play guitar, cook yummy food... and just have fun in general. I love to make a difference with my work, even something as small as inspiring a fellow artist :)
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