Stable– Nomad.



Stabilization. That’s all I need.

A place to stay, somethin’ to believe.

Somewhere fresh, new clean breeze.


Rocks in my shoes, walkin’ on air.

Nothin’ to stand on, no one there.

The trail gets dark, I feel them stare.


“It’s that nomad girl, the one who walks,

If you listen, you can hear her talk–

Too much time, no turning of this clock…”


It’s stable here, I’ve got something to rely on–

Boredom, it’s here all the time– never gone.

It chases me all my days, time to move on.


Silence. It’s here too. Count on that.

The trees don’t speak, never talk back.

I stay silent too. No reason to interact.


Soon, I’ll escape, leave this quiet place–

Make some noise, got time to erase.

Maybe it will be different. Maybe it’s the same.

Either way, there’s only time to blame.

Moving on takes time, we all know it’s true–

It will be better with something else to do.

Dancing on frets, my fingers are content.

Plucking these strings, soon I’ll forget.


About clayhead33

I am a potter-- I love to draw, play guitar, cook yummy food... and just have fun in general. I love to make a difference with my work, even something as small as inspiring a fellow artist :)
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