Color at cone 10– I did it!

Colorful cone 10 porcelain family

This is my newest happy gathering of ceramic creations… and I’m growing attached to them 🙂 I just took a casual shot in my studio space… so don’t mind the messy background. Anyway, The colors held true at cone 10, and now all I want to do is keep making. I can’t even get myself to actually go to work (it is officially spring break for the school), so I am in the process of sculpting a passion fruit scientific model at home instead. If I go to work, I have to dedicate myself to stay there for a few hours… but my mind is exploding with new surface ideas! I threw some little espresso cup forms yesterday at the studio.

Most successful mug


This mug was the most successful piece out of the test firing– the others had bloating issues in the glaze. Apparently I’m working with two very different glazes. My satin matte white glaze that I use doesn’t like to be fired under cone 10, and the black glaze thought it was too hot when I let cone 10 fall down– it wasn’t even a flat 10. Maybe I will work on the satin matte glaze to make it melt at a slightly lower temperature… it’s just a matter of messing with the fluxes and silica.

I guess I should go color shopping, since I know they work so well now! 🙂


About Kira Call Ceramics

Just a girl in Wyoming playing with mud and making pottery for a living. Living the dream! :)
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2 Responses to Color at cone 10– I did it!

  1. waltzr141 says:

    I love your color palette! I have been trying for a long time to try and get bright colors for cone 10, but I just haven’t had enough time in the studio! your work is so vibrant!

    • clayhead33 says:

      Thank you! Yes, color can be tough… but I’ve found that AMACO makes some nice underglazes… if you want them bad enough to pay the price, they are definitely worth it. 😉

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