Passion for passion: color inlay inside color

Passion Tumblers



Passion Tumblers!

Of course, these aren’t fired yet, but the colors stay pretty true. I glazed and loaded them in a kiln this morning… I finished firing at around 7:00pm. Hopefully I will be able to unload tomorrow after work 🙂 These are new because I tried using my colored underglaze to fill in the inlay cracks… I’m a bit nervous about how that will work out…


heliconia cereal bowl


Heliconia Cereal Bowl! I made two of them, but the photo looked better with just one. And the other one isn’t an exact match… I’m still working on figuring out my new bowl form– the clay is particularly tricky to work with because it’s mostly grolleg kaolin and feldspar. Apparently there’s not much feldspar separating my clay from being a glaze! Needless to say, trimming is a bitch. I have to trim them while they are still pretty soft to prevent deep chattering, so it warped the inside of a couple of my bowls. The clay type is important because I like how my glazes look on grolleg porcelain, and it gives me the option of creating highlights by carving through the colors to the bare white clay. I have thought about switching out some of the Grolleg for Helmar and adding a small amount of ball clay. My reclaimed porcelain is much more workable than my untouched clay.

I just got some new underglaze colors in the mail, and they are blindingly bright! I can’t wait to plaster my pots with them 😀


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Just a girl in Wyoming playing with mud and making pottery for a living. Living the dream! :)
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