Making the most of being in Australia

waterfall with ami 004


I have been incredibly lucky to be able to come to Australia and meet so many new great people. Life is treating me good this week. I feel happy, content, and I have new friends to pass my time outside of the studio with. The photo is of a waterfall that my my new closest friend drove me to a few days ago. It was one of the most beautiful places, hidden from the road and only marked by a broken piece of concrete. A truly secret local spot. I am having the awesome kind of experiences that I came here to have. My camera ran out of battery after taking a few pictures of this waterfall, or I would have taken pictures of the awesome lily pond about 20 meters above the waterfall. The whole surface of the water was coated with lily pads, and there were a few in bloom– they were the beautiful dainty kind with lavender-colored flowers. The frogs were really loud up there, too. That was a good adventure day. We went shopping and had coffee with a group of friends in the afternoon, and on the walk home, we brainstormed how to go to a waterfall– we had to borrow a car to get there, but all worked out well.

I’m just so glad I moved to a new place. It has made all of the difference. I feel better, it’s quieter, I am surrounded by more friendly people, it’s clean, and I get a much better vibe being here than at my last place. I feel like I am just barely starting to enjoy Australia. Before, I was just in the party scene, which I could join back home if I was interested. I had to break away from the party group to find what I was looking for. Plus, I get to walk past a beautiful lake every single day– whether I’m walking to class or a friend’s house, I pass a lake with ducks and frogs and the koala hospital reservation. I’ve seen two koalas already since moving. They are pretty cool to see up close and not in a cage. I didn’t get a really good photo because the first time I just had my iPod touch and the second time all I had was my crappy $30 phone 😛 but here is the photo I took with my iPod camera:

koala by the lake


About Kira Call Ceramics

Just a girl in Wyoming playing with mud and making pottery for a living. Living the dream! :)
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