Watch out, Utah, I’m Back!


So, yes, I am back. In Utah. Back to my home sweet home, back to my studio and grolleg porcelain, back to my family, back to my car, and my boring routine 🙂 It feels kinda nice. I like having the freedom of having a car and knowing the town streets really well. I like the feeling of using my own old pots and pans, and I like having a cupboard full of pots made by all of my friends. But I am starting to miss the friends I got to know in Australia.

I wrote a new song yesterday, about people I got to know this year. I wrote about people I met last fall, and about people in Australia. That’s one thing that’s becoming more and more obvious– I didn’t learn what I was expecting to learn while I was in Australia. I learned so many life lessons. I learned about people, I learned that I have it so good here in the USU studio, I learned to always have a social backup plan, and most of all, I learned a lot more about music. I have to thank one person for that. Without the use of a guitar, I wouldn’t have made as much musical progress as I did. Also, I have to thank my very dear friend Ami for teaching me so much about people and music and how to live life in a better way 🙂 She really opened my eyes to a newer, brighter, somewhat less self-conscious way of living.

The song I wrote is just a story about 3 different people who have affected my life this year. It’s not meant to be negative. It’s a folk/indie song. When I sing nowadays, I’ve developed a silly happy stage voice that I kinda like 🙂 when I played the last song I wrote for my little sister, she asked if it was an Ingrid Michaelson song 😛 anyway, here’s the song. It’s called “I Had This Friend”


About Kira Call Ceramics

Just a girl in Wyoming playing with mud and making pottery for a living. Living the dream! :)
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