I think… I’ve got the blue glaze I want :)




I loaded a kiln on Friday night, fired for 9 hours and 25 minutes on Saturday, unloaded Sunday afternoon, and got the most exciting glaze results I’ve had in a while. I was literally jumping with joy while holding this sweet little mug. The barium yellow glaze didn’t work out in this firing. Guess it likes a bit more reduction. I tend to fire in oxidation to keep my porcelain white and my colors warm. But the Woo Blue glaze worked out better than planned. I will try to get a few better photos… the crystals on the surface are pretty fantastic 🙂



About clayhead33

I am a potter-- I love to draw, play guitar, cook yummy food... and just have fun in general. I love to make a difference with my work, even something as small as inspiring a fellow artist :)
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