Leaves and Flowers and Brilliant COLORS!



Good morning from here in my quaint little basement apartment in the beautiful town of Great Barrington, Massachusetts. I guess my last post didn’t really say much about the Berkshires, but right now everything I do is “in the Berkshires”. I’ve been busy in the studio lately. Soon, the problem of where to put all of the pots will be a very real problem. I’ve slowed down a bit and I am making teapots since I haven’t made them for a while and they usually sell well on Etsy. I came up with a new squarish teapot design (there is a photo of it in the post titled “Life in the Berkshires”) that I’m really attached to. I’ve already made two more of a similar shape and design, and I started another one yesterday. I walked into a couple of places downtown the other day and asked if they did artist consignment. I walked into a gallery with a sub-label of “Contemporary Craft”, where I saw pots on pedestals through the window. When I walked inside, I immediately recognized Ellen Grenadier’s work on display. I actually agreed to help her in her studio for 3 hours every other week, so I mentioned her name when I walked up to the counter. I asked if they ever took on new artists, and the owner told me that she did and “Your work must be good if you’re assisting Ellen, send me an email with photos and a link to your website.”

Who knows, maybe something will come of it. First, I’ve gotta tackle the new photo setup here. I will hopefully be unloading a glaze kiln tonight or tomorrow morning with some tasty fresh pots. I’ve got a bunch of aspen leaf bowls that I’m contemplating taking photos of for the gallery.

I’ve jumped on the ‘scoops’ bandwagon. They are just so adorable, easy to make, and I can think of a bunch of uses for them at home. I need a new coffee scoop anyway 🙂 not to mention larger scoops will be great for measuring rice (I’ve been using a coffee cup as a scoop for a few weeks here now). I’ve also been thinking about baking ware, like muffin tins. I’m having a lot of workability issues with my clay right now though, so I should probably get that figured out first.



About Kira Call Ceramics

Just a girl in Wyoming playing with mud and making pottery for a living. Living the dream! :)
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