Lonely People

Alright, I’ve been in a writing lull lately, but last night I wrote a cool chord progression accompanied by a melody with my Johnson Delta Resonator guitar, and tonight I’ve been brainstorming some good lyrics. I’ve been thinking a lot about the lonely people that come into the yogurt shop I work at, the people that sit alone at cafes, and the bored-to-death people that used to come into the health food store and wreak havoc for entertainment where I used to work. I realized that it’s scary how much I can relate to some of the crazy people when I feel lonely two thousand miles away from everything I’ve ever known. It inspired me to start writing some really personal lyrics about loneliness and how it’s not always a bad thing, but I’m sure a few people can relate to the words, even if they only admit it to themselves. Here’s what I’ve got so far:

Lonely people wait outside their cars

Lonely people drive, they don’t care how far


There is peace in silence, if they can find it

They won’t see it through their solitary confinement.


Lonely people sit and repent at home

They soak in their guilt and medicate alone.


Lonely people stare out at the moon at night,

Wondering how far away the stars are that shine.


They crawl in bed and wait for sleep

But it doesn’t come until way past three.


Lonely people keep their phones nearby

They call a friend far away hoping the time is right.


When they wake up they walk to cafés

Hoping just to meet a friendly face.


Lonely people eat just to fill the void

Left by all their worries and blank Polaroids.


They read the news just to try to get involved

In the world that swallows their problems whole and unresolved.



I want to write heart-wrenching, emotion-ripping, uncomfortably personal lyrics as opposed to the cute happy jazzy songs I’ve been writing by default lately. I think this is a start. To be continued…


About Kira Call Ceramics

Just a girl in Wyoming playing with mud and making pottery for a living. Living the dream! :)
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