Working my way off the “high dive”

I’ve been having a hard time finding motivation the last couple of weeks. I caught a flu over the holidays and I still feel like I’m trying to get over it, but we’ve been having subzero “real feel” temperatures here in Massachusetts. It’s noticeable in the studio throwing room, and I haven’t thrown anything since I got back from vacation. I’ve been trying to get my clay in working order– the bags of clay I had dried out enough to be too hard to work with so I sliced it all up to dry out and re-mix.


Clay aside, I have had some good ideas of things I plan to make soon. I want to make more pitcher jugs, big bowls, and bottle vases. The plate above is one of my entries into a clay surface decoration exhibition. It’s about time I charge into some calls for entries. I’ve talked about entering into more shows but last summer it just didn’t happen. I did enter the Ceramics Monthly Undergrad showcase, but nothing came of it. I’ve decided I just need to jump on more opportunities, and this clay print exhibition in Maryland is perfect for my work.


I feel like I’ve reached a point in my ceramic work where I am confident about entering it into shows and taking more of those risks. I am also entering a mug exhibition soon. Cheers to diving in headfirst!



About Kira Call Ceramics

Just a girl in Wyoming playing with mud and making pottery for a living. Living the dream! :)
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