Finally getting somewhere



Above are my newest latte mugs. They turned out brilliant! I’ve found that blending my colors with a gradient of black makes them feel more united, and the surprise of turning the mug over to look at the bottom and see the vibrant color and detail gives a fun sense of satisfaction.

Here is what the mugs look like upright from a side view:



They are fairly big, making room for a bunch of delicious milk foam 🙂 or a giant cup of tea. I haven’t measured just how much they can hold yet, but my normal cup of coffee looks like a puddle at the bottom when I fill my french press full and pour it in the mug. I bet they will sell like hot cakes at the Hudson Farmer’s market!



This teapot is what I am really excited about. It turned out perfectly. I was worried that the glaze might run and make the lid stick, but to my pleasant surprise, when I pulled it out of the kiln the lid wasn’t stuck at all, and the glaze turned out fabulously smooth and even. ANDD… it pours like a dream. I have finally succeeded with my square hand built teapots.

After more than 7 of them split at the seams last fall I was considering giving up the idea, but instead I just played around with different clay bodies. I was working with a clay body that I later decided didn’t have enough feldspar, and before that I was working with porcelain, which split at the seams even worse and the handles slumped. It could have also been too hot of a firing, but in any case I’ve got a better clay strategy now 🙂 I will be entering teapots like this one into shows ASAP, and I’ve already got a request for one in different colors. I usually don’t do commission work, but color requests are simple. They didn’t used to be 😉


About Kira Call Ceramics

Just a girl in Wyoming playing with mud and making pottery for a living. Living the dream! :)
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