Lost in the Willows



As it always goes with me, I am pursuing a new direction with my ceramic work. Actually, it branched off of something I was doing in the fall of 2014 in Massachusetts, but I’ve improved on the idea. I make a smokey gray background, then carve designs of willow leaves and branches through to the clay. The result is dramatic yet quiet, and they always come out of the kiln looking great!


It’s almost time to start working on graduate school applications again. I think that I mentioned in a previous post about how I didn’t get into any of the schools that I applied to. At first, I was devastated. Then, I made a plan to grow my ceramic business (and grow a garden 🙂 and focus on positive things until I could apply for grad schools again. Lately, I’ve been feeling really self conscious and intimidated by the thought of going through all of the applications and asking for letters of recommendation again.

I have a list of steps in my head for what to do this time around, and step #1 is to build an AWESOME portfolio! I’ve been making sets of things instead of just pairs, thinking big picture instead of trying to show off every plant that I can draw, and focusing on branching out with making different forms.

If you like the pottery shown in the photos above, you can find it on Etsy at:





About Kira Call Ceramics

Just a girl in Wyoming playing with mud and making pottery for a living. Living the dream! :)
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