Branching Out

It’s May 21st. That means that there are only 13 days until I go back to campus for the workshop… yay! Yeah, I’m a little stoked. I made yesterday a full studio day. I stayed outside and worked on new projects until my hands were numb from the cold after the sun set. I want to be able to be that motivated and dedicated every day. The thing about going to work is that it usually wears me out enough to make me lazy by the time I get home. It’s definitely no desk job. I don’t know if I already mentioned it, but I got my apartment! I’m so glad I don’t have to worry about it until August (when I move in 🙂 ). Anyway, I’ve had some great ideas ceramics wise. I decided that I should really expand my horizons and try completely new forms than I’ve ever made before since I’m hand-building and I know how to decorate my work successfully now. I didn’t notice the eclipse yesterday, even though I was sitting outside when it happened.

I should work on new herbarium sculptures, but I can’t get inspired without a real life specimen or a really good close-up photo of what I want to sculpt. It does have to be accurately realistic… so finding a decent reference is mandatory. Here is a vanilla orchid that I sculpted a while ago…

So I’ve been thinking lately, and I decided that I need to rely a lot less on movies and tv shows for my entertainment. I don’t watch programmed TV or listen to the radio much, so I am already pretty disconnected from societal distractions, but I do watch a lot of show series. I need to push myself to listen to more music and spend my free time at night playing guitar or doing something more productive. Clear out here in the middle of nowhere, there aren’t very many other young people for me to spend time with, so I need to find projects and things to keep me busy. It’s not that I’m a total recluse… it’s just that everything closes at 8:00pm or sooner around here and I don’t know other people my age around here. I’ve been considering painting, but I would need the perfect surface before I acted on it… oh, and the perfect idea. I like painting on wood. Last summer, I did a couple of small paintings on wooden shingles and framed them with tree branches. If I did something like that again, I would want to use a giant piece of wood and paint something magnificent. I’ve never done a giant painting before. Once, I painted a mural on a wall as a sort of assignment, but I was basically just laying down color inside lines that someone else drew. It wasn’t my idea, and honestly it was a little cheesy. I can imagine myself getting a giant sheet of plywood or particle board or something along those lines and just painting mountains with a sunset or and ocean scene with super-detailed palm trees. OR I could paint a giant detail of a flower– not like Georgia O’Keefe… it would be more realistic and scientific. I would try to paint every single hair and gland and water droplet. Anyway, here is an example of my branch-framed wooden paintings from last summer:


About Kira Call Ceramics

Just a girl in Wyoming playing with mud and making pottery for a living. Living the dream! :)
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