The Passion in my Smile

Freedom is wherever you let the road take you to. Freedom is not letting other peoples’ opinions or rules stop you from doing what you feel. Freedom is a forward direction, always changing. Freedom is not laziness. Freedom is courage, or the way for courage to be acted upon. Freedom is doing without asking for an opinion. Freedom is making a difference without waiting for others. Maybe freedom is selfish, but freedom is progression. It only takes one free person to make a difference. I try to make a difference with the small things– like helping out on an organic farm or making a nice dinner for someone else, or by painting something full of light that inspires someone to think differently about their outlook on life. Or maybe not painting, but drawing or creating a clean and dramatic form that draws people in. I make a difference with my positive attitude. When I’m in the studio, people tell me that I am always smiling. When I am in the studio, I have every reason to be smiling. It is my happy place, my place where I have the freedom to create absolutely anything that physics will allow me to. I smile because it feels right. I know that I’m doing something that keeps the world just a little brighter in the midst of dark world news forecasts.

When I’m not in the studio, sometimes it feels harder to smile, and the studio seems like it’s a million miles away. Away from the studio, everything is different. The world outside of the studio is about survival. Part of survival is interacting peaceably with other people, whether I like them or not. Outside of the studio, other matters loom. Friends in trouble or need, family in feud, brothers lost to virtuality, and finding enough money to make ends meet. Sure, every artist has the dream of supporting themselves with their own work, but the reality is that a second job is necessary. The freedom in the studio feels somehow lost and I am left to find my confidence elsewhere. Lately, the only time I am truly happy is when my hands are in the clay or I am walking through the forest on a sunny morning. I know there are things missing from my life right now, but when I am working with clay, I feel complete.


About Kira Call Ceramics

Just a girl in Wyoming playing with mud and making pottery for a living. Living the dream! :)
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