Time Machine Time

I just had a flashback to the second semester of my college freshman year somehow… I was listening to a song on Jango.com, and it sent me back to drawing 1 and 2 class. Maybe it’s because it resembled the music we listened to during class. Anyway, we had some good times in that class… and this drawing is one of the many sketches from my 2D Design class from the same semester. I kind of miss just doodling with ink on paper, but I haven’t had the time to really think about doing it. I used to do it during lecture classes to stay awake, or whenever I got bored. I never really took time out to draw at home or anything. This is an abstract of a karate figure in action. The idea was to create the figure using all oval/circular blobs and enclose it like an amoeba or something. After that, I abstracted a section of this drawing to create a big acrylic painting. I still have it in my room 🙂

Those days seem so long ago… the days before my hands knew the touch of wet clay. I remember feeling bored and lost and not wanting to major in painting and drawing. I just knew I had to major in art, and people were pressuring me to choose an emphasis. When I finally applied to the art program, I had a few of my intro ceramic pieces to put in the portfolio (and they weren’t terrible, just terribly heavy 🙂 ). I do miss carrying a sketchbook full of really weird drawings with me all the time. I used to draw truly macabre things… like a hand growing out of the ground with bloody roots, and a foot to match 🙂 I used to draw dark forests with creepy trees and eyes peeking out from the shadows and eerie animals. I once drew my dark version of Alice in Wonderland, she was walking toward a mushroom cottage (Amanita muscaria) and there were skulls covering the entire background. I might post it later if I can find it…

The workshop is over, I am back in the valley, and I go to work at noon. That means I still have a couple of hours to kill before work… I could clean, or I could hurry and get dressed and go to the park and ride the back trails to see what has changed in two weeks… hmm. I think I know what to do 😉


About Kira Call Ceramics

Just a girl in Wyoming playing with mud and making pottery for a living. Living the dream! :)
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