Yes, I have been distracted for a few days. It’s a good feeling to stay busy and try new things…

I guess I do have underlying things on my mind, but I have been so busy trying to find new ways to sell my pots and jewelry and such that I haven’t given myself time to think much beneath the surface. I made a list tonight– a list of reasons why I need to work this summer and why I am working where I am working. Some of the reasons haven’t come through for me. I was really looking forward to helping with the arnica harvest, but apparently we have an “overflow”, so my boss didn’t want to harvest more than 50 pounds or so… we usually harvest at least 100 pounds. I don’t really like working inside the store much… I find it boring. When I started the job, I was working out in the greenhouses with the plants. I felt more passionate about that. Even pulling weeds didn’t seem so bad compared with washing dishes and wiping counters. That’s why I decided to make the list. I know I need to make some money, and that means that I can’t get bored with my j0b just yet. I have to find a way to keep up pace and stay positive even though I haven’t been enjoying the work.

One of the main reasons why I have been distracted for the last few days is because I finally decided to start up an “Etsy” account on etsy.com (http://www.etsy.com/people/kiracall?ref=si_pr). I think it’s a good idea to work on marketing my pots, because I just brought 7 more boxes of pots back with me from campus. I need to sell them somehow. There isn’t any cupboard space left for me here either. I have to store my dishes in the back room stacked out on the counter. Anyway, I feel like I have so much to learn… at work and with etsy. I’ve never really done any shipping before, but I am learning how at work and as soon as people start buying my pots on etsy, I will have to ship stuff out.

Yesterday was my day off for the week, and I decided to take a trip to Jackson Hole. It’s a cool place to visit, and I feel like I fit right in with the locals… the hippie locals, not the cowboy ones. I had a few things that I wanted to get done yesterday, even though I was tagging along with my dad. I wanted to stop by one of the shops that used to sell my jewelry on consignment and see if they would consider taking a few of my pots to sell. I didn’t expect much, so I didn’t get let down in any way. He said that he would take about 20 of them. I also wanted to see the new art center… I wasn’t expecting much there either. I thought that they might have a few little electric kilns, and maybe a couple of wheels. They had a high temp soda kiln, a high temp gas, a low fire soda, and electric kilns. I was glad to see that they had a couple of soda kilns. When I got there, I met an old friend at the door šŸ™‚ it was nice, and she showed me around. I asked if the visiting artist was there yet (the same one from the workshop I just got back from) and she took me right into the kiln room where they were loading a low-fire soda kiln. It was cool to see him again, and the ceramic tech guy was there too… so I asked him if he could show me around and stuff. The visiting artist bragged me up a bit… it was nice because I knew the tech guy would listen to him when he said that I could fire a kiln. He said “yeah, she really knows her stuff. They all know their stuff up there” (back on campus). I offered to help out with a soda firing sometime, and he seemed more than happy about it. He even asked me if I would want to teach a class sometime. That would be the coolest thing… even if it was just a lifespan sort of class, just the idea of it blows my mind.

Anyway, I feel like I made some good connections yesterday. It is kind of a long drive up there, but it would be worth it to get experience firing a different kiln off campus and meeting new people and maybe driving up once a week to teach a class.

Oh, and the drawing is one that I did during my freshman year of college, and it gave birth to my final 2D design project that year. This is just an ink and colored pencil drawing… my favorite kind šŸ™‚ I used to draw a lot of mushrooms and weird plants in bright colors… there were some of my best doodles, so I’ve been told.


About Kira Call Ceramics

Just a girl in Wyoming playing with mud and making pottery for a living. Living the dream! :)
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