Time to Reconnect, Recharge.

I haven’t done much drawing at all lately, although I have an inkling to. I wasn’t doing much reading for a few years either, but I’m buried in a book this week. Maybe I will rediscover my drawing tools today… if I find time to get around to it. I know that doesn’t sound so promising, but I really have been contemplating doing some figure drawings, or more portraits like this… or some bright and colorful weird colored pencil drawings 🙂 I had this weird idea of doing drawings of my pots, as realistically as I can. I think it would be a good practice, and then I could refine any surface details on my pots that I find I don’t like. It will be like taking a magnifying glass to my pots… figure out the colors, the flaws, the material grains in my raw clay. What I really need to do is take photos of pots, but that might be a full 5 or 6 hour project, getting the space all set up and ready to go, and then dragging about a hundred pots downstairs to photograph. I will try to draw my pots though.

I drew this just about a month ago, partially at work on a super slow day. Today might be similar. Anyway, I prefer to use non-smudging, non-erasable materials, like ink and colored pencils. Instead of using a graphite or charcoal pencil for the soft shading, I tend to use a black-colored pencil because I know my hand won’t smudge it. This drawing didn’t take as long as I used to on portraits… maybe just a couple of hours in all. It is a little rough… but I was just trying something new (drawing wrinkles).


About Kira Call Ceramics

Just a girl in Wyoming playing with mud and making pottery for a living. Living the dream! :)
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