Why Trees?


Things are going well. Really well. It’s amazing, the roller coasters that are dragging me around lately… the workshop was great, but just before that I felt like I lost three friends. The workshop was over a week ago now. This past week was busy in its own way. I was sometimes reminded that it was Halloween, but mostly I forgot. Monday was a normal critique day. On Wednesday, I had my critique in mold-making. I only saw two people in costume at the studio, and the only other place I went was work, and nobody was dressed up. It usually feels like Halloween when I walk into work anyway. There are Halloween decorations that just kind of hang around year-long, and various poisonous mushroom photos and sculptures. On Thursday, I left work early to go hiking with a friend. On Friday, the studio was empty until intro students showed up for class. At 5:00pm, there was an opening reception at the gallery for the Annual Undergraduate Art Exhibition. I got some food and started walking around to look at the work. When I finished looking at the paintings/photos on one wall, someone whistled to get everyone’s attention. She announced that there were awards to hand out. I didn’t know anything about awards. I was just happy for an opportunity to show my work at the gallery. (No, I didn’t enter the vase from the photo above. That’s just one that was sitting in my room that I made for class. It’s porcelain with carved inlay and a celadon glaze inside) She said that awards would be handed out from last to first place. She started with honorable mentions, then paused, and announced that third place went to a cool cut print. 2nd went to… a painting, I think. The announcer lady paused and explained that this year they had two awards left to give (and I was zoning out at that point so I don’t remember why) and she paused again, then said “Kira Call!”

I was in shock, so I just kind of stood there for a second. I really didn’t expect my little tree jars to get much attention. The announcer looked around, so I stepped forward. Everyone was watching me, and my hands were shaking when I accepted it. I had to sit down because it made me so excited/nervous. My award had a really weird title. “Department Head Recognition of Excellence Award”. Attached to the certificate was a personal check from the department head. I didn’t realize that it was a personal check at the time. First place went to a photo of a toy tractor.

I sat and kept eating my food while my nerves settled down. My professor came over to congratulate me. He asked me about the check prize, then told me that they found funds for it outside of the art department (personal money). He asked me if there was anything attached to the pedestal were my pieces were to let other people know that I won an award for them. I said that I didn’t know. He said that he would go make sure that they did have some mention of it– he immediately got up and went over to talk to the coordinator. I think there was some note already attached to the winning pieces… or if not, there was by the time I got around to looking at them. I thought it was cool that he was concerned about it. After that, I went back to the studio to work.

I can post a picture of the actual piece later, but I forgot to take the photo while I was at the gallery. The piece is called “Why Trees?” as an inside joke/remark on the inside joke. My last critique ended with that question circulating around the room. I don’t see why it needs an answer, so I thought it was a fitting title for the petite porcelain jars with trees painted on them. 🙂


About Kira Call Ceramics

Just a girl in Wyoming playing with mud and making pottery for a living. Living the dream! :)
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