Silence is Me.

     * Grass Bud Vase– grolleg porcelain decorated with incised lines and inlaid mason stain, cone 10 reduction.

Silence is Me.

Innocence replaced with cruel condescension,

Past revisited- time for reinvention.

Find me waiting, lost in turmoil,

Anticipating one last recoil.

The future appears, finds me waiting.

Face what I fear, hell-bent on changing–

Return to before the world became dead,

Before innocence was scorned, before love fled.

The frivolities of daily life remove me from thought

Distract me from vision, entertain me not.

The devilish beating of my heart reminds me–

I live here and now, with meaningless vanity.

Among this disposable society I lead my way,

Get caught up in pleasing,’til they throw me away.

Sense the emptiness? The vacuum of connection–

Monkey see, monkey do, no self-reflection.

Words like knives cut me to the bone

Stuck in my head, they won’t leave me alone.

Words are the enemy, the weapon, the lies.

Words are contention, confusion- keep all inside.

Obsess over words spoken, they plan my demise.

Too many thoughts, lines I despise.

Speaking is unrest. Silence is key

Silence is resolution, silence is me.


About Kira Call Ceramics

Just a girl in Wyoming playing with mud and making pottery for a living. Living the dream! :)
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