Aspen Tumblers


Photo: Aspen Tree Tumblers. 6″ tall, 3″ in diameter. Slip cast porcelain.


Okay. The break is getting closer to the end, which means my endless days of being lazy will eventually end. Sleep has been good… but I still haven’t been giving myself enough of it. I have been enjoying good food and I have been exercising a lot to take advantage of the opportunity. It’s a good feeling. I’ve been working for my old boss, which has also been a good experience. Plus, when I go back to school this semester, I can look forward to living someplace I’m already familiar with. Yes, I will have a roommate in the same room with me so I will probably complain about that eventually… but right now, I am grateful.

I’m getting this feeling that I’m messing up by only focusing on ceramics for my major study emphasis. It almost feels like I need to be doing/creating something more meaningful than pots and trinkets. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy it a lot. It’s just that I feel like I can be doing more since I do have the ability to draw and I have ideas that go beyond mugs and bowls and pitchers and plates. I like the idea of designing new forms and testing their functionality, but I don’t like making full sets, and I don’t think there are too many galleries that would accept a little pair of cups and sell them for a pretty penny. My name isn’t that big. Besides, I do want to get into galleries– and not with pots. I want to create something “epic”. Something that gives me the sense of accomplishment that I crave. It doesn’t have to be something huge, but I feel like I need to be pushing my boundaries. I need to combine mediums and make something that no one has ever even conceived doing before. I guess I have at least 2 more semesters to try to find it.


About Kira Call Ceramics

Just a girl in Wyoming playing with mud and making pottery for a living. Living the dream! :)
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