Simple things can make me happiest! New mugs!

new cups 04-13


How many times does it take to learn

You gain nothing from bridges burned?

In the heat of the moment, rage lets loose

In a future day it could be your noose.


So walk your own way and smile anyway–

Nothing will change you unless you let it.

Hold your tongue and dot your “i”s,

Keep on going and soon you’ll get it.


Forward pacing, no time for retracing,

Get caught up in what you’re facing.

Time to let go, time to move on

Something better is coming, the worst is gone.


Steps lead up to doors and hallways,

Windows open to see the sky.

Life is your perspective, it is what you see–

So step lightly, look outside, and get free.


Sun slowly changes the light in me

I can feel it like a tidal wave, tenuously.

Sweet summer sunshine, sweet green leaves

Energy arises, something I can believe.


So take your time when the weather’s nice,

No rush in where you’re going, take my advice.

Tolerate the woes of daily life

Because you know the sun will shine.



The sun shines! So be happy! Lately, I’ve had my own flaws… I complain a bit too much when I forget the good and simple things in life. So try not to forget them. They are what really matters– sunshine outside, green grass and leaves, birdsong, light out the window, a simple sincere hug, the opportunity to learn and walk away unscathed with something to show for it. The small things and whether you appreciate them are what can determine your quality of life. If you think about it, simple little things are the best things. I felt overjoyed when I opened my kiln this morning and peeked inside at these little pots (photo at top). I was grinning almost the entire time I was unloading. That has never happened with a firing for me until today. I am grateful for the few perfect little pieces the kiln gave me. I have a lot more than what’s in this photo, but they wouldn’t all fit 🙂


About Kira Call Ceramics

Just a girl in Wyoming playing with mud and making pottery for a living. Living the dream! :)
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