Surrounded by beauty

gum tree

Ok, so my surroundings are beautiful here in Lismore, Australia. There are strangely beautiful plants that flower on their own leaves and the trees are lemon or cinnamon-scented. There are funny birds walking around with brightly colored heads and huge beaks, tiny lizards that scamper into flower beds to hide, brightly colored fungi, and even though it’s winter here, I get a break from snow and some days I can go outside without wearing a jacket. There are so many beautiful things to appreciate here. I love the surroundings and the people are different than back home in the best way. Every now and then when friends are busy and the sun has set, I find myself feeling homesick for stupid little comforts. I was pretty spoiled back home– I had plenty of food and when I ran out of something I had a car and I could make it to the grocery store in less than 5 minutes if it was open. I had a job, 5 guitars, way too many kitchen implements and hand made dishes from all of my friends. I know it seems stupid to miss those things, but it does happen. I also miss my friends and family– I’ve made a bunch of new good friends here, but I still can’t ask for a hug when I need one. This week has been lonely– most of my new friends have been gone on different adventures but I’ve been tied to the studio during the days.

I think what I’m missing most during this first month is the good food I always had access to back home. I had plenty of baking ingredients that seemed to never run out. I miss endless brownies! 😦






australia campus wildlife 007


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Just a girl in Wyoming playing with mud and making pottery for a living. Living the dream! :)
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