On a Roll! ;)



So, the photo is of a drawing of my “Haworthia concept”, new decoration designs based on the plant genus: Haworthia. The leaves have cool texture. Also in the photo is a spoon that I decorated today as kind of a prototype of the idea.


Yes, I was bewildered yesterday, but today I feel like I’m getting things together– now that I know what to expect as a schedule for my days, I can get on top of it. I’m working on homework for the week already– 2 days into the semester and I already have to have a paper written by Friday and another one by Monday. Guess I knew my senior semester would be a bit intense… but I’ve already finished the one for Friday, sent the email to myself reminding me to print out my Windgate Fellowship application tomorrow, and I’m working on assignment #3, the paper that’s due by Monday. I’ve got Hectalite soaking in buckets in my studio so I can mix white Grolleg porcelain tomorrow during/after class. If I get done with everything by Thursday night, I’m even planning on going to a cool little blues band’s show at the venue downtown. πŸ™‚ Pretty sure that glaze calc will kick my butt, though.

Speaking of going to a show at a venue, I’ve had something on my mind. When I was playing guitar at home for my family gathering in Wyoming for the holiday break, my uncle mentioned a pizza place here in my Uni town that is owned by a guy from my hometown. My uncle said that the guy would probably like me to play guitar there, if I just went in and talked to him about it. Part of me is dying to go down there, buy a slice of pizza, and talk to the guy. But the rest of me is spiraling in self-doubt. I don’t have too many songs prepared for a full-on performance– especially when people demand me to “sing something, something upbeat!” I’ve got six almost-performable originals ready to go, and I know a bunch of classical instrumental songs (wouldn’t fit that pizza place well), and a few folk songs and covers that I can’t sing to just yet. I’ve got my Christmas tabs book nearly memorized, but the season is gone now. Guess I should learn some more bluegrass covers πŸ™‚ The pizza place is close to the venue I might be going to on Thursday– maybe I’ll stop by.



Caption: All five of the guitars I own as of today (January 7, 2014) from left to right, oldest to newest (the Cordoba in front, that I would be taking with me to the pizza place).


About Kira Call Ceramics

Just a girl in Wyoming playing with mud and making pottery for a living. Living the dream! :)
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