Tough Week… for a poor little undergrad- Tips of Advice

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Yeah yeah, I’m whining a little bit. My mind is still telling me that I should be taking it easy and that having 3 studio classes is too much. I’m not used to the rhythm yet. I know there are people out in the world with tougher hardships, worse weeks, worse people, and busier schedules, but this week I am complaining. I will probably get over it in a week or two πŸ˜› hopefully.

I’m eating my mom’s roast beef from last Sunday out of a ziploc bag because it’s delicious and I’m too lazy to think about making dinner, sitting and contemplating homework, writing in my blog and my journal, sipping on a spiked Squirt soda, and indulging in Godiva dark chocolate truffles that my lovely father gave me for Christmas. I am feeling much better than I was a few hours ago. I still don’t feel like I’m being productive enough. I have three paragraphs to write before Monday, Valentine’s sale stuff to help out with, and I should make some mugs tomorrow, but I feel like what I truly need tonight is sleep– as soon as it’s logical to try and fall asleep. I’m not saying I’ve lost hope. I’m not saying I’ve lost vigor. I’m saying that my mental battery needs recharging… so I can be productive AND diplomatic.

My creative mind suffers when I’m stressed. Even if I can’t solve the most important problems at hand, I usually can’t stop thinking about them nonetheless. The thing that seems to help best is a phone call to a friend, sister, or my mom, and a good long journal entry. That way, the words can escape my mind and dwell somewhere else. So I figure, if I call someone, write a blog AND write in my journal, then my worries can leave long enough for me to sleep and worry about them the next day. How else can you conquer things you can’t do anything about?

Try taking my advice if you’re stressed out a lot… writing about it takes it out of your mind temporarily. If it’s something that you should be thinking about in the short term but keeps you from sleeping, put it on a To-Do List πŸ™‚ That usually helps me organize thoughts. I’ve written 3 notebook pages worth of a to-do list, and I think it has helped. Crossing things off is the most rewarding thing when you’ve got a lot on your ‘plate’. Cheers πŸ˜‰


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Just a girl in Wyoming playing with mud and making pottery for a living. Living the dream! :)
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