Jackson Hole Center for the Arts: July Workshop

Botacnically Illustrated Simon's Rock last kiln 032

It completely skipped my mind for the last two blog posts to mention that I hosted a ceramic workshop in Jackson Hole, Wyoming this summer. It went really well. I hosted it in the ceramic studio at the Center for the Arts downtown. The table had people sitting all around for most of the time. Some people left and new ones came to take their place.

When I sat down at the potter’s wheel (I don’t make wheel-thrown work anymore, but the head of the studio there requested that I show a few tricks on the wheel), their attention was glued on me. I made a latte mug, a bowl, a big tumbler, and a couple of tall bottle vases. I just worked how I normally would in my own studio, but didn’t take time to be a perfectionist to save some time. There was a lot of “Oooo! Oh, how do you do that?! Wow, can you show us that again?” from the audience. They were impressed by some little habits I have that make wheel throwing easier. I don’t remember specifically what they were impressed by, but it had something to do with the way I used my rubber and wooden ribs.

I haven’t gotten the photo files from them yet, but Sam made sure to take a lot of photos while I was working. For the wheel thrown stuff, I didn’t trim it. At the end of the day, we just put it in the reclaim bucket. I managed to decorate 4 or 5 of the hand built pieces, and recently I heard that they were soda fired and auctioned off. I bet my new work would look pretty cool soda fired.

August pots at USU 026

Jenny told me that she bought one of the soda fired cups at the auction, and it was one that looked like these cute little espresso cups 🙂 (above)

Botacnically Illustrated Simon's Rock last kiln 011 (2)


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Just a girl in Wyoming playing with mud and making pottery for a living. Living the dream! :)
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