Moving Forward

2015 Aug pots at USU 045

Pottery sales have been good this year. I used to think that if I wasn’t part of a big group sale like I was in school, I could never make as much money from pottery. This year, I have made at least as much as I did in school sale years. All said, it’s still not enough to live on. The tumblers above are still sitting in a store here in the small town where I live where they’ve been sitting for a couple of months now. Today, my boss asked if the group of pots at that store didn’t sell if I would bring them to sell in her store. I have a feeling that’s what will happen anyway. I made the set of lily tumblers during the summer while I was able to work in the university studio again for a while.

Lately, I have been making pots at home– I am trying to get a home studio up and running. I’ve been working in the kitchen, and I bought a kiln a month ago that hasn’t been hooked up yet. Mostly, I’ve been making mugs. I decided that I should fill the next few firings with what sells. I am still making my botanically illustrated work for portfolios and such. Oh, and they make great images for my graduate school applications that I’ve been working on 🙂

2015 Aug pots at USU 057


About Kira Call Ceramics

Just a girl in Wyoming playing with mud and making pottery for a living. Living the dream! :)
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