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Folk Wines: What’s What?

White, red, and… green? These are a few of the products from my latest project idea. Folk wine. I read up on it a while ago, and decided that it sounded like something worth trying. The “white” wine is actually … Continue reading

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Cookies for Breakfast

The best days start with having cookies and coffee for breakfast 🙂 Today will be one of those good days. Magic is definitely in the air… or at least the essence of it. Today will hopefully breath some life and … Continue reading

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Day of Reflection

Hmm… chocolate chip cookies, french-pressed peaberry coffee, and rain out the window… I don’t know what to think about the rain. I was wishing for it a few days ago, but now all I can think about is when the … Continue reading

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Clouds in the sky, but no shells on the seashore.

I always have these dreams that I am walking down a beach looking for seashells, but I never find any. The most I ever find are tiny fragments and crumbs of freshwater shells, even if in my dream I am … Continue reading

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Summer Pots

Hey there. I’m back…  I did hand build yesterday, just like I said I might. I also taste-tested my first successful batch of beer 🙂 aside from being slightly tangy, it was perfect. Full-bodied toasty dark flavor, a light buzz, … Continue reading

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Progress No Progress

It’s Saturday morning and the sun is shining and the birds are singing out the window… but I do still have to go to work today. It’s not all bad because I will only have to work until 2:00pm, but … Continue reading

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