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Kissing Coffee Pots, and other “silly things” :)

  Alright, yes. “Kissing Coffee Pots”. I might even put them together at an exhibition and call them that, just for fun. I am decorating the red-striped one with Grevillea flowers, and the green striped one with red lilies. I … Continue reading

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Tiny Trees

  This is a coffee pot that I made last semester. I used my red stoneware Death Valley clay and painted white porcelain slip on it for decoration. I listed it on Etsy… https://www.etsy.com/listing/106183472/coffee-pot-with-cute-carved-trees It’s a hazed-over day, and I don’t … Continue reading

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Caribbean Blue

Have you ever had something turn out better than you planned on? Haha, maybe if you’re lucky 🙂 well in ceramics it doesn’t happen all that often, so when I pulled these out of one of my salt firings, I … Continue reading

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When the Lights hit me–

I’m still hiding in a few shadows, but if I didn’t have any shadows left, I’m afraid I would be scorched by the sun. Metaphorically speaking, of course. Secrets can be destructive or protective. It depends on who is keeping … Continue reading

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