Kissing Coffee Pots, and other “silly things” :)



Alright, yes. “Kissing Coffee Pots”. I might even put them together at an exhibition and call them that, just for fun. I am decorating the red-striped one with Grevillea flowers, and the green striped one with red lilies. I might apply the same blue glaze to both pieces to unite them. I do have the Botanical Art at the Herbarium exhibition show that I could put them in if they are finished by then. Truthfully, they are clay tests, and new form tests at the same time. If they don’t turn out worthy for sale, oh well. I will enjoy using them. I am hoping that this new gray clay recipe fires relatively white, as it is supposed to. It is slightly more workable than my Grolleg porcelain, and much more affordable. It’s 18% cheaper, and the example I saw fired to cone 10 was fairly white. I need to make more plates, which take more clay. I have made plates with my Grolleg porcelain, but they were almost too dense, and the Grolleg porcelain was temperamental to trim. I don’t think this clay is quite as dense, and since it is inexpensive it will make the perfect practice medium for plates that I can still decorate with bright colors and transparent glazes.




I finished decorating one of the coffee pots with the red lily design. I want to apply a light aqua blue glaze (3% copper) to the surface of this coffee pot. I am so excited to be able to test out these new hand built coffee pots. Now I’ve got three of them made 🙂 They have sieves built in to the walls. I am hoping it will be a functional way to go, but I have thought about making coffee pots with wire mesh added after firing, or making a separate chamber that allows a coffee filter to be placed in the pot and the filtered coffee to go through the spout whose directory starts at the bottom of the coffee pot, like a cream separator. Who knows. I am always debating what is most functional. These might just end up as nice hand built tea pots until I figure it out.



This little guy is a cream/gravy pitcher. If it doesn’t sell, I might end up adopting it as my egg-poaching pitcher. I know “egg-poaching-pitchers” probably aren’t in high demand, but I always find myself in need of a good one-egg pitcher for ‘pouring’ eggs into the poaching pan one at a time. I have a Kait Arndt espresso mug that serves the purpose beautifully, but unfortunately it is hundreds of miles away right now 😦


About Kira Call Ceramics

Just a girl in Wyoming playing with mud and making pottery for a living. Living the dream! :)
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